Messenger bot integrated

Facebook Messenger bots are the most direct and most popular social media channels now. Our online software, WinWith.Me is the first solution available in the market that is specifically designed for political campaigns. Digitribe, our database solution is always installed together with our Messenger bot platform on the same data architecture.

Fast implementation

We have already installed Digitribe for various clients, and as a result our implementation cycle is considerably faster than in the case of a new development. Our API-based solutions can be easily integrated into the IT-infrastructure of any organization.


It takes a couple of days to set-up a new instance of Digitribe for a client, and another few days to train a communication team member, social media manager about the operation of our system. We train your team, provide you an online workshop and solution oriented, professional customer service.

AI-driven segmentation

Voter segmentation of Digitribe uses our built-in AI-driven algorithms, and it traces how successful you are in engaging each voter; how their level of engagement changes over time; and what policy issues and political agenda items drive and motivate each specific voter.

Personalized communication with supporters

Digitribe is the most advanced solution for engaging voters on a variety of different digital channels and mobilize them with personalized messages. Data-driven message personalization is the most effective way forward for politics in its efforts to draw and retain the attention of voters. We provide you the tools for personalized email newsletters and conversational engagement through customized Messenger messages, in addition to a whole range of other personalization options.

Full GDPR compliance

Users are increasingly conscious about how their data is being used, especially in Europe. You need solutions that fully comply with the GDPR, and some US products are unable to meet the relevant requirements by design. Digitribe allows you to build a GDPR-compliant database of your core electorate.

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