Up to 20-40% of your supporters will be in your database

A database must include the core supporters of a movement. They are the ones who always react to your social media activity. It is your interest to stay engaged with them online. With the help of Digitribe you can register into your database 20-40% of your voters. We are going to increase your potential to reach out to the millennial voters with petitions, online surveys and other forms of social media interactions. With us, you will be able to find your fans more easily on those platforms where they are always online.

36% lower ad costs on Facebook

By using the target group analytics of our system, you will be able to create special custom audiences for your Facebook ad-campaigns. Digitribe allows you to identify and target look-a-like groups of users on Facebook who are similar to those users in your database. Better targeting lowers the costs of your campaigns.

Up to 5% increase in your supporters' turnout

It is a must in every election campaign to mobilize a movement’s electoral base. Permanent engagement helps you to increase turnout among database members. Given the fact that our system allows you to generate genuinely personalized messages and to mobilize your voters by telling them about the issues they really care about, their turnout will increase.

10% increase in your approval rating among fans

When you entertain your fans online, they become more satisfied with you. According to our experience Digitribe increases the approval ratings of movements and senior public figures among fans as compared to non-members of the database.

Higher than 80% response rate in Messenger

Facebook Messenger is in the pocket of almost every mobile phone user. Tested dialogue sequences and push notifications engage social media users more frequently. With the help of Digitribe and our Messenger bot platform you can reach higher than 80% response rates with your Messenger broadcasts.

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