The first step while using Digitribe’s model is engaging with your supporters. We connect your social media sites with our system, you create your Messenger bots with us and your voters’ database begins to build. You can generate registrations through various political activities with the help of our platform. We have an integrated system of landing pages for petitions, quick polls and simple data collection. These landing pages are fully customizable by your organization without coding, and we register into your database every input and social media interaction by your registered supporters. Proactive engagement will help you to build-up a strong database, and by everyday engagements you can keep in touch with your registered supporters later in mass emails and other integrated channels of messaging.


The second step according to our model is to understand your database and analyze your registered supporters’ social profile. You can easily break your voter database into relevant segments by using information from the interactions with your voters on the various digital channels (Facebook Pages, Landing pages and Messenger bot interactions) integrated into our system. Digitribe includes an AI-based scoring algorithm that provides a better understanding of your registered voters. This understanding of your tribe allows you to send out better targeted, more personalized and visually more engaging messages, posts and broadcasts.


Finally, every social activism and political project comes down to the issue of mobilization. By a better understanding of your supporters, Digitribe allows you to mobilize your supporters more efficiently. Our platform is integrated with multiple digital channels of communication. Outbound messaging is quick and easy with Digitribe, and our tools make every GOTV operation a success story.

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