You will finally reach the Millennials with Messenger bots

Millennials and the members of Gen-Z make up bigger and bigger portion of eligible voters. These generations have a very peculiar relation to public affairs and politics.

On the one hand, they are the hardest to reach through traditional political channels and methods. On the other hand, however, they have been also the drivers behind many important social and cultural movements that have emerged over the last few years.

To best reach this segment is a question of how rather than a question of if. Showing them banner ads, sending them direct mail letters, or broadcasting TV campaigns targeting them makes no sense. They won’t relate to these in a way that is politically intelligible. So it is a waste of money, waste of creative efforts.

They are not passive media consumers and as a result the only way to them leads through engagement and interaction. These can more easily occur on digital channels. One of your best tools for fostering engagement with this group is the use of messaging apps. This is the most natural way to reach the Millennials and Gen-Z as these are the most used apps in their everyday life.

They love to use the smart and simple approach offered by automated messaging. They love to receive spot-on, relevant messages. They will be happy to share their opinion and feedback, if this could happen in an entertaining way.

WinWith.Me has been designed with the Millennials in our mind. This will be your perfect tool to reach them. Be in their pockets on their’ smartphones. Reach out to them by targeted, personalized Messenger broadcasts. Ask them to share their views on issues, initiatives and political scandals.

WinWith.Me has all the tools to reach these goals. We have integrated ready-to-use, interactive templates into our online software, you only have to change the actual text of an online dialogue. Everything else is prepared. A candidate must find his or her voice on the Messenger bot platform, but after that, personalized communication and openness strengthen the credibility of any politician among Millennials and the members of Gen-Z.

Are you interested?

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