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Messenger bots in politics

In this blog post we summarize the basic knowledge about Messenger bots in politics. This is what you need to know to have an understanding of how it works and how to get started.

What is the WinWith.Me Messenger Bot? is a Messenger Bot specifically designed for politicians, parties, social movements and fan-based organizations. With the help of our software you will find that setting up your own Messenger Bot, winning subscribers and sending them naturally personalized messages is a breeze.

Who will receive my messages with the help of this tool?

Anyone who interacts with your Facebook Page by sending you a message, comments on a post or just pushes a “Get Started” button after discovering your bot in Messenger after a fan of yours shared it. Most of your subscribers will come by clicking on ads, however: “Would you like to chat with me? Politician X” or “Tell me your opinion about issue Y”. Anyone clicking on these ads will become a subscriber to your Messenger channel. When someone becomes a subscriber, you can send them messages any time.

What does a message look like?

In most cases, we’re not talking about one message but a sequence of messages. You usually ask for the user to interact with you in some form, and then your next message will be based on the response you get. Except it won’t be you who is typing the various answers. Instead, these are pre-set on our platform with easy-to-use template-like tools. You can check this out for yourself by visiting the Messenger Bot of Oliver, our test politician. Oliver the politician is a fictional character we made up for demo purposes. Once you enter the bot and use the menu, you will be in the same seat that a typical voter of Oliver occupies, and you can get a sense of the kind of messages he sends.

Is it easy to get started?

Absolutely. No coding is required and our software was developed specifically for politicians by people with huge political experience. We have built-in templates for the most frequent political use cases (asking your voters to come and attend an event, reminding your subscribers about a media appearance, sharing relevant news with your voters, asking them to sign a petition, etc.) Someone with a little experience in Facebook Page management will easily become an adept user of WinWith.Me. However, if you need, we or one of our partners are happy to assist you as consultants during the first few weeks of your Messenger bot journey. During this time, we can help you devise your strategy, create your ad campaigns to recruit subscribers, edit the first couple of messages, and we can train you or someone from your team to operate it.

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