Political Messenger bots and the holidays


Messenger bots are not just another channel where Facebook and Instagram posts can be reposted. Every kind of messaging channel requires its own type of messaging. Without channel, specific messaging a Messenger bot becomes boring, spamming – and ultimately muted by the user.

The Holiday Season offers a great opportunity for politicians, organizations and parties to have special broadcast during this special period of the year. Cultures, religions and traditions may differ but all around the world, we all behave differently during these days. After having built a growing subscriber base, a proper bot strategy also includes solutions for this period of December.

The most important advice is to avoid spamming – always, and especially during the Holiday Season. A single, properly scheduled broadcast is enough to keep your engagement with the users going and don’t be too serious during these days. Keep it simple: season’s greetings combined with nice visuals, a video or a picture; or a more complicated, playful broadcast about local traditions, memories and charity events.

Based on our experience we share with you now three successful examples of Holiday Season Messenger bot broadcasts:

  1. Christmas or Advent Calendar: In many cultures around the world, the pre-Christmas period is full of waiting, preparation and expectation. It may be called simply as a Christmas Calendar or and Advent Calendar – but for 4 weeks a series of broadcasts is a possibility for every communicator. Still, we only recommend daily messages for special brands and leaders, but a regular broadcast during this period with “surprises”, “bests of the year selections” is great opportunity. As part of the broadcasts of the Christmas Calendar, the communicator may share family stories, personal traditions of preparation, and also look back at the year’s most important events and memories.
  2. Interactive season’s greetings: an interactive greeting is a more simple way of using a Messenger bot during the final weeks of the year. The communicator may share a nice picture, a greeting card and during the conversation also share a nice song or YouTube video. In this case, the tone of the conversation should be more personal, more intimate than usual the communicator shall start with her/his personal memories, asking the targeted user about their own traditions of celebration, and at the end of the broadcast a special video or song can be shared with the audience.
  3. Geographically targeted charity share-card: December is always a frequented period of charity events and initiatives. We advise to have a geographically targeted series of messages by a politician or political party organization to inform the local public about local charity initiatives. If the database included in our system has been enhanced by information about the location of living, a series of targeted broadcasts should be sent out to the public about food banks, food collection points and other opportunities to help our fellow citizens in need.

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