New ways of electoral engagements

What will my subscribers receive? Who will write the messages?

It will be in your chosen language, and the final copywriting will always be performed by you or by your team. The interfaces where you edit your message sequences will be in English, but that will not be visible to your subscribers, it will be limited to you and your designated team.

Will everyone receive the same message?

That depends on your decision. One of the most advanced features of our technology is the sophisticated data collection methodology it employs. Every user interaction in the Messenger bot is stored and analyzed. Based on the reactions of a subscriber (what they opened, what they answered, what they clicked on, what they shared) she/he will be assigned to different voter segments. Depending on their activity and engagement level, as well as their openness towards different issues and styles, you can create various target groups from your voters and send different messages to each group.

Why is it so much better than traditional social channels?

First of all, you know exactly who receives your messages. You can have interactive conversations with your voters, and this implies a much more intense engagement for them than reading a post passively. We do not think that you should close all other channels and only use Messenger. It is part of a good social media mix. Ten years ago, most politicians said they will never have a Facebook Page, and now they all have one; five years ago, most politicians said they will never have an Instagram channel, and now they all have one – it’s the same with Messenger. You simply cannot afford to be absent from this channel because that’s where your voters are. So the earlier, the better.

But what happens when they answer? Who will manage this channel?

Our experience shows that 98% of your subscribers will use the pre-built automated answers you have written. And if they do so, it is easy to predefine answers and automate the communication. It may of course happen that a voter sends you a message that your bot cannot reply to. We help you filter such conversations and answer them just as you would with your normal messages in your Facebook Inbox. If you have a large subscriber base, then even with a low rate of replies that cannot be handled by the bot, you will end up with a significant number of messages that you or your team need to respond to. But this will provide a great possibility to engage with those voters at a very personal level, as your team will concentrate on the 2% expecting an individual answer.

Isn’t it a scam to pretend that my voters are chatting with me while in reality it’s just a software?

We do not suggest pretending that you are typing the messages by hand to each of your voters. There are many ways to handle this particular issue. You could, for example, make the situation as transparent as possible by telling them in some chat sequences that the messages they'll get are automated or you could mention that your team is helping you in managing your Messenger Bot, or you can just highlight the fact that it is a bot in the menu by using an “About this bot” section.

Is it really a chatbot and will it answer all the incoming questions automatically?

Technically, it's a chatbot. However, we prefer calling it Messenger Bot because we do not want to give rise to misleading expectations that it can automatically chat about any political topic with anyone. It will reply automatically to all responses from subscribers that the Bot was previously taught to handle. The most typical use case is to design a broadcast sequence where you can predefine potential answers your subscribers are expected to give, and you can also easily set different reactions based on the answers they select. For example, if you ask: “What should be my top priority in the next budget?”, you can predefine different response options such as “Schools”, “Roads” or “Hospitals”. And the sequence of the conversation will then follow different directions based on the answer selected. This may sound complicated, but it is in fact very easy with the tools offered by

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