Messenger bots: the next level of peer-to-peer texting

During this year’s mid-term elections the most frequently mentioned new campaign technology was peer-to-peer texting in the US. Some analysts even considered 2018 the campaign dominated by p-2-p texting. We at WinWith.Me believe that Facebook Messenger bots will be the real game changers in the field of personalized messaging in political campaigns and advocacy.

Peer-to-peer texting is when a campaign, an organization uses third-party agents for text messaging, both inbound and outbound. This tool is considered to be more conversational, more personal and more often read by the targeted user. Peer-to-peer texting is used for mobilization, invitations and negative campaigns too.

You will reach new heights in peer-to-peer sharing

We do believe that Facebook Messenger is a quite universal tool for communicating with voters. Automated conversations and message broadcasts can cover most of the typical discussions between a voter and the campaign. If you find the right tone, the proper narrative, your base would be energized by the relevant content and the conversational style of this new messaging channel what a Messenger bot mean.

In our practice in certain use cases up to a third of the voter base of a politician subscribed to his bot. However, there are some use cases when it is possible to use this channel to reach out only to the most loyal fans or activists of a campaign.

WinWith.Me is the next step ahead

Of course, with the help of WinWith.Me, you do not have to set up two different Messenger bots for reaching out to an average voter or to your activists at the same time. You can use the powerful, client defined segmentation features of our tool to differentiate in your messaging between different target groups.

A client of us wanted a solution to capitalize on his very agile activist base. He organized them into a closed target group with the help of WinWith.Me and sent them a so called Share Card every week. Share Cards might include news articles, blog posts or any other relevant online content. The activists were asked by the politician online to share their weekly share card with 15 people within their personal network through Messenger with some personal recommendation added. This tool works with tremendous efficiency, and an unexpectedly high ratio of the activist group shares these messages regularly. News items of a campaign can go viral in the electoral base easily this way.

We found this method far more productive than traditional peer-to-peer texting because of 3 reasons:

  1. It is much easier for activists to share as they receive the Share Card in an easy-to-share format.
  2. You can be sure that the shared message will look great and transmit your intended message because of the pre-defined visuals of the Share Cards
  3. You can track which message was shared by which activists, so it is easy to run competition or assess them

With the help of this solution, thousands of voters were reached by their friends in a very personal way through a very personal channel. We believe that these are the reasons why Messenger bots will be the next step ahead of peer-to-peer messaging.

Are you interested?

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